Give back

For the last two years, I was supporting 24 Gute Taten with purchasing their Adventskalender before Christmas. The concept of this project is simple: buy the calendar for 24 EUR, and with your 1 EUR a day, you support different organizations helping those in need.

It is heartwarming every time to open the window of the calendar and see that a chimpanzee gets its vaccine, or refugees get their educational support, or that a meadow is saved for butterflies. I enjoy this type of Advents calendar way more than simply having a piece of chocolate every day.

On my way home, I bumped into a placard from


It was the right advertisement at the right time, as I just told my mom a few weeks before that I wished something similar existed. So I decided to support this project with as little as 2 EUR each month.

I feel lucky to have enough to give. It takes not much effort to save 2 EUR each month for the good cause and I hope with this small step, I can give back some happiness to the World. If all of us would do such tiny steps, the World would become a better place. We just have to realize how lucky we are with all that we have.

Kat Edmonson – Lucky