West Highland Way

…you stole my Heart! Scotland is amazing and the terrain is unbelievable. Even though our hiking got cut in half, walking among the hills in the Scottish Highlands did not feel real. I felt like I entered a dreamland of fairytales. I sure will return to complete the whole route, while for now, I am grateful for all the amazing memories.

Going hiking with a backpack is challenging. Not only because of the weight pulling your shoulders or the rocks tiring your legs, but also because you are using a lot of energy on the most basic things. Breathing, taking one step at the time.

If you hike with someone else, you also get to know each other better, as you are facing the same struggles, and react differently.

I fell in love with hiking and hardly can wait to plan my next challenge.
West Highland Way, we will for sure see each other again! ❤

Kenneth McKellar – The West Highland Way