Stuck in the moment

The first time I opened my eyes today was perfect.
I might have been exhausted and slightly hangover the whole day, but for that moment, it was worth it.

I finally could buy my train tickets home. I hardly can wait to use them.

I’m looking forward to that visit.
But for now, my mind is stuck in that first moment of today.

Layup – House History

By the river

I tend to forget how much I miss the Danube. But a day next to the river brings me back to feeling home.

Many joke that Spandau is not Berlin. It indeed feels like a different city. With it laying right next to the river, it made me feel like I’m on vacation for the weekend.

Layup – Favorite Place

High notes

I’m a proud member of the Dark & Twisted Team now.
I’m so glad to have someone to have my back and keep me sane. And make me laugh.
There’s so much power in a conversation when you both really listen.

Thank you!

Layup – Side By Side


I tricked myself into running this morning again. (by putting up running clothes in the morning and walking my dog wearing those) I only ran about 3,5 km, but it made me proud. Even though I’m slow and miserable sometimes, I’m out there and do it. More of that should follow, I have to get back in shape by the half marathon in April.

I’m also excited about August already, as we have registered to the Mega Marsch again. This time, it will be a 50/12 challenge. We are going to nail it this time. At least, that’s the plan.

So I plan to hike more this year.

My ultimate dream to hike the Pacific Crest Trail on day is still in the back of my mind, in the meanwhile. I am watching Mari Johnson’s PCT videos and it’s amazing!
I have to get back in shape, and there’s a lot of planning to do.

Also, my days get packed, slowly but surely. These are exciting times.
Happiness doesn’t feel like being 1000 miles away. It’s right here now.

Layup – Every Mile