Only for a moment

Some days are lighter than others.

It could be the Sun that was shining when I woke up, the fact that I started the day with a bit of yoga, or that my anxiety is a bit lower, thanks to the lower numbers in the statistics. Even if only temporarily, things almost felt like as if they have fallen into their place today.

Let’s hope there would come more days like this.

Lola Marsh – Only For a Moment

Small adjustments

We have luckily found a new dog walker. As I watched my dog’s reactions to her entering our apartment to take him for a walk in the middle of the day, I fell in love with him again.

Ever since I had him, he surprises me with his gentle behaviours. How he acts when he feels insecure. He makes me very proud, as he has learned how to cooperate and adjust to new situations.

Soon we will be back to our old balance again.

Lola Marsh – You’re Mine