“I am a person of habits.” – a sentence I have heard from a lot of my friends.

We all need our little rituals, some traditions on our own, our daily routine. Even the most flexible ones have tiny everyday deeds they tend to do the same way, over and over again. Some of us have more of these habits – anything from waking up at the same time, making the same kind of breakfast every morning, having our morning coffee at the office, through preferring routes to having before sleep routines.

I have a few “extra habits” built into my day. I like to wake up early, meditate, make coffee and oatmeal in the morning, have a second cup of coffee at work, stretch in front of the coffee machine, walk with my dog after I got home, and writing down at least one thing every day that made me happy in my gratitude journal. I also like to update this blog usually just before I go to bed.

When any of these habits are affected, I move out of balance. In general, I am a quite balanced person, so it’s not a big deal. Usually after some extent, my body warns me I need to find back to my center. That’s when habits play a key role. Watching them move from the center is a good lesson.

Lately I struggle with sleep. It’s not that I can not sleep, it’s just that I tend to go to bed way too late. Then this effects my morning, as waking up as early as 5:00-5:20 am is quite challenging with only a few hours of sleep.

It’s been an eventful few weeks again. I am going to prioritize these treasured habits of mine, so hopefully I will find my balance and center again soon.
What it means for now, is that it’s time to sleep already.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Low Roar – Just a Habit

New dawns

Milestones present themselves in many shapes in different times. It could be a hard decision you managed to finally make, a farewell, a first-of-its-kind task at work, a randomly chosen dinner that introduces you a nice new restaurant.

Life is full of miracles. Depending on how you are playing it, you will pass several milestones. Some of them you’ll remember, some of them will only become milestones when you remember the good times. Enjoy the challenges while you are at them. You never know which challenge will become a memorable milestone.

Low Roar – In the Morning