All of me

I’m 100% soul. I’m either 100% in and I give my all, or I’m out.
Sometimes my efforts can be harvested. I feel weightless then. Today was one of these days, as I got one step closer to my goals.

I am climbing on the ladder I’ve built myself 4,5 years ago. The view is daunting sometimes, as I get higher and higher up – but the climbing made me strong, so I know I can catch myself, would I fall.

I’ll give my all, and I’ll see where it takes me.

Mandy Harvey – All Of Me


Sometimes a phase in life comes when it feels like having been waiting in the same bus stop for too long- Yet nothing happens, the bus is just not coming.

That’s OK. Sometimes you discover dead ends.
Rest, take insight and shuffle your cards again.

That’s exactly what I will do over the weekend.
I have already collected some ideas regarding what to change and how to change them.
But first, I’ll rest.

Mandy Harvey – Try