5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1

Procrastination Monkey (Instant Gratification Monkey, as defined by Tim Urban in this TED Talk) is a tough companion. I had first wasted about 40 minutes feeling miserable and clueless sitting on my couch not managing to decide if I have the willpower to cook something for the upcoming days or not. I had very strong (and bad) arguments why I should not do it. But after about 40 minutes of watching videos of quick healthy recipes and searching ingredients I don’t have at home, I finally managed to stand up and take the first step towards the kitchen, that looked like a mass, due to procrastinating washing the dishes in the morning

The key was taking the first step.

All of a sudden, I noted that it’s only 30 minutes later, my food is packed in my jars for the upcoming days, the dishes are washed and the kitchen looks better, and I’m already enjoying the delicious food I just cooked.

Life is simple. Try not to procrastinate.

Manfred Mann – 5 4 3 2 1

Free as Flamingos

We have celebrated the new home of a good friend tonight. Happy 3 friends, some wine, 2 dogs and flamingos all over – this is Berlin. Be happy in your new room, Teona!

Manfred Mann – Pretty Flamingo