Building rocks

We all leave our rocks and stones on our ways. When we cross each other’s paths, we build hills. Those hills remain. The strong ones survive the test of time and space.

Manoya – In My Sleep (Yornkék remix)

Swan lake

We saw “the World’s greatest swan lake” this afternoon and it was amazing. We were planning to see this together with my Mom forever, and finally managed to do so in Berlin.

This was initiated by me, as our traditional before Christmas culture program. By the time the show ended it got dark outside, so we got the full Christmas night lights effect around Potsdamer Platz.

It was an active, eventful weekend again. Only 3 weeks from now, and we’ll be home for the Holidays. It’s incredible, how fast time flies. Especially when we’re having fun.

Manoya – Rebirth

No fear for tomorrow

I am practicing letting go of what I can not change lately. Forgetting the concept of expectations. For spare moments, when I manage to change my perspective, it is liberating. Practice makes perfect. I am grateful for the sources I get to meet that inspire me to keep holding on.

Manoya – When She Closes Her Eyes

You time

Take care of self. Paying attention to basic needs. Practicing consciousness. – We tend to forget about these. We shouldn’t.

Read a book at the park. Eat something healthy. Forget about your phone for a few hours.

Sleep well and start anew the next morning.

Manoya – Earth Calling Humans