You’ll be remembered by many tiny things you didn’t even pay attention doing. Engravings of your moves or looks or the noises you made.

Sometimes, it’s the melodies she liked. This morning, it was the sound of someone breathing next to me in the U-Bahn. Of all the memories, it was the sound she had when she was no longer really there.

You are missed. ❤

Max Richter – On Reflection

Rediscovering dreams

I am surrounded by younger people. At work, among my friends. It’s good that way. Lately, they remind me of my forgotten dreams and hopes, the times when I dared to think outside of the box.

As I’m counting back the days (one to go) before my holidays, I feel grateful for all the memories I have and feel lucky to know by experience that change is never too late.
I will rediscover myself again, let my Soul catch up and then change things, if needed.

Max Richter – Dream 13

Slipping away time

It’s hard to believe it is March already. Spring is officially here, the trees are almost blooming, the mornings are brighter. These past two months have slipped away like sand between the fingers. There were highs and lows, discipline and laziness, plans and delays, unexpected disagreements and moments when everything has just clicked.

Life is a mistery, built from temporary arrangements.

Max Richter – Dream 3 (In The Midst Of My Life)


It’s incredible how fast time flies. Just a few moments ago it was summer, and I was planning my journey to Scotland, now winter is coming and soon I will visit home for Christmas.

Exhaustion took me over this evening, as all the memories of the past weekend are slowly settling in their place. I truly live.
Now I’ll give some time for my Soul to catch up again. Now comes the everydays. Now the work continues.

I will sleep well tonight, and tomorrow, I’ll live again. Life is beautiful and exhausting.

Max Richter – November

Take comfort in little things

Most probably my new neighbour is the one who’s listening to classical music – mainly operas – lately. The courtyard is filled with the soothing sound of violins and beautiful voices, the Sun shines through the window, Báró is taking a sunbath and I get to clean the apartment that became my home since the first day we moved here.

Gratitude is something I practice every morning. For I am one of the lucky ones not having serious problems. We should appreciate what we have while we have it.

Take a moment to listen to this piece, close your eyes if you wish, and think about all the treasures you have. You are richer than you think you are.

Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight