Life companion

Báró is turning 10 years old in July, and with the end of August, we’ll have been together for 8 years. My longest relationship so far. He is my partner in crime, a life companion. In sickness and health, good times and rough times. He’s my family.

Adopt a dog and your Soul will get rescued.

Moby – Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

We only sleep one

Having a boomerang-trip home is always confusing. You fly home on Saturday, enjoy the weekend at home, to travel back home on Monday morning. It feels like you use a teleport, when you fly. 1,5 hours, and you are in Budapest. By the time you acknowledge you are there, you are preparing for the flight back.

It’s good exhausting. It’s confusing. It’s something to look forward to. Even when it’s late at night, and you have to wake up in a few hours to make it to the airport.

I am coming soon.

Moby – This Wild Darkness


It was snowing for half of the day today, as we accompanied my Grandmother’s ashes to her final journey. The snowflakes were huge and elegant, giving the whole cemetery a divine elegance. My Grandfather was waiting for more than 20 years for her – as my brother said.

Her struggles are over. Now Time will do the rest.

It won’t be hard to remember of the good times – she has shared a lot of nice memories with us. Looking at some old photos, I am hoping she would be smiling if she would have seen us today. Our family became a little bit smaller without her, but she won’t be forgotten. Szeretünk, Mama!

Moby – Everloving


The perks of social media

Many argue that social media ruined our society, due to its addictive features and broken mirror to support superficial, fake lives presented in a sugar-coated manner. I don’t believe so.

Social media is what you make it.

Since I moved to Berlin, I found new friends, interesting relationships, amazing things, free events, hidden galleries, surprising news online. All I did was paying attention to what I am consuming online – which social media pages I follow, what topics I find interesting enough to look into deeper, filtering my news feeds, opening my horizons.

There are a lot of great groups in Berlin, leaving consumerism behind, opening up for a more welcoming, open community. Minimalism, going Zero Waste, Foodsharing, helping each other, Free Advice, Free Your Stuff, Free Your Time, Free Events… the list never ends.

Of course you could argue: following all these groups slices your attention. Too much information. No focus. Only because it is free, do you need it?

I truly believe knowing yourself and your needs and desires, you don’t necessarily need to follow the routs you knew since capitalism taught you. You can open up. Be curious. Share. Swap. Adjust. Realise you are not alone. Enjoy.

It’s up to you, what you make it. Just like Berlin. ❤

Moby – In This World