Summer strolling Berlin

Today was such a great day! After the World’s longest fear and loathing in Berlin’s public transport’s Ersatznetzwerk finding our way back from Schönefeld, we managed to tick out most of the tourist attractions in one day.

Time flies when in good company. I wish this weekend lasted for a week at least.

Moderat (feat Paul St. Hilaire) – Slow match


I had a good day today. I finally feel like I can harvest all the effort put to learning my new role at work. I was on a roll. I feel like I not only have the general overview, but finally I feel at home in our system. Probably it’s an illusion, as I know there’s plenty more to learn. But I decided I’ll enjoy this nice, satisfying feeling I have, as long as it lasts.

Things are getting more and more simple in my life somehow lately.
Could my journey towards minimalism and all the decluttering really clear my head too?

Moderat – Intruder

Good exhausted

Being a local tour guide I love to take my visitors to places they don’t necessary find in tourist books. Taking mental notes on their reactions is priceless. Some places can be connected in ways you normally don’t connect, and meeting with family and friends together is always fun. Just be prepared to have the comedown – once your visitors leave, you’ll need some time to get back to normal. But it is worth the fun!

Moderat – New Error

Disturbance of abundance

There are awesome concerts in Berlin, all the time. Even when you wish they would happen one day earlier or later. Even if you are not in Berlin. Plenty of amazing artists playing every day, not to mention street musicians.

You have to practice letting things go. Berlin is the perfect city when it comes to letting concerts go. But you always wish you could go to several places on one night.

On the 2nd of September, Moderat will be playing in Wuhlheide. And I will have special guests. Murphy…

Moderat – Rsuty Nails