Counting steps

What have you done today? Where did you go? Did it mean anything? What is it worth? Does it have to be worth it?

I once sent that postcard to a friend of mine, where two rabbits discuss the meaning of life. It was a simple discussion:

    • Life is meaningless. – said one of them.
    • Woohoooo! – replied the other.

I was thinking about lives today. I have stepped out of the comparison game a longer time ago. I don’t think that any life could be better than any other. It makes no sense to compare the apples with the pears.

So I was thinking about my life so far and the things I have achieved, went through, the things that happened to me and those that I did nothing about. We are temporary arrangements. We live every day and one day we die. There’s no good or bad way to do any of that. It’s a flow we are all part of.

I live in Berlin for almost 4 years now, and I have changed a lot.

Yet the core remains the same: I am honestly enthusiastic.
I hope it stays like this for a long time.

Nils Frahm & Ólafur Arnalds – Life Story

Inside out

“Inner PEACE begins the moment you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions.” – This quote found its way to me while I was unable to work today, due to some system issues. I was practicing patience.

Life gives me more and more lessons to do that. I am learning to appreciate what I have and what is. Everything else is expectations and hopes. Smoke and mirror. We just make it up.

I am more and more fascinated by the little things. How someone can sound innocent and reserved at the same time. How honest enthusiasm can spark a glance in one’s eyes. How you can not control some of your moves. Human behaviour.

We are temporary arrangements. Never forget to appreciate that.

Nils Frahm – Says

New light

I love how my friends change my view on the artists I already loved before listening to their works together. They add whole new layers to what the music means. They are sitting right next to me, when I hear the music again. That’s a sign of real connection.

With the music and with each other.

Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – W


Two quotes are ringing in my head tonight:

  • “I am not, who I think I am. I am not, who you think I am. I am, who I think, you think I am.”
  • “Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no love. Without trust, there’s no reason to continue.”

I ended up sorting some old photos tonight. I found long forgotten memories, pictures of great friends that are still close to my heart, some friends who have drifted away.
I was thinking about all the illusions we build based on our expectations, experiences, hopes. Sometimes, the fairytale we are telling ourselves is flattering. Sometimes it’s sad.

I want to keep my curiosity and the ability to be genuinely enthusiastic and surprised.
Fortunately, I keep finding extraordinary people, who teach me diverse lessons.
Living in the moment and accepting what is there is hard sometimes, but it’s very rewarding, too.

Nils Frahm – You

Spaceship through the cosmos

Early Monday morning (Nov. 13), bright Jupiter will pass an even brighter Venus in a low but close and spectacular conjunction. The constellation will be visible from Europe. I wish there were no clouds above Berlin this dawn.

We are temporary arrangements, travelling time and space in our spaceship called Earth through the cosmos.

This temporary arrangement called “us” and “now” is pretty fascinating. We should never forget to look at the sky.

Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – a1 (Benjamin Knab Remix)


Festival of Lights

There is about a week every autumn, when Berlin’s buildings get dressed with light. Artists from around the World work on showing us messages in a few minutes, sometimes even less. Every show is a surprise, and every piece of art needs your personal interpretation.

We should put the ordinary things in new light more often.

Ólafur Arnald & Nils Frahm – Four