Choose life

I’m always surprised how much tension is swept below the carpet. It’s enough to leave one comment on social media that triggers some and the shitstorm below your post is a real social experiment. I have accidentally dropped the v-bomb, mentioning vegan dogfood in a post, that started a whole standalone show.

First came the vegan haters, who advocated to teach me how to raise my dog, then arrived a few to support veganism, then someone mentioned Amazon in a bad context, there were a few accusing me of dog abuse, others came to raise their voice against hate speech.

I was offering a box on Free Your Stuff and it turned out to be a parade.
If only we could channel all this passion into something meaningful.

I went to get my start package for the Berliner Halbmarathon tomorrow. I managed to pick up only my race number and the chip for my running, but in order to get away without any spam, I had to actively push back merchanise and advertisement. Next to the people handing the crowd the free stuff, there were rows of trashcans for “advertisement waste”.

We produce all these stuff to hand them to someone, who then tosses them away in a minute.

We live in an extraordinary era.

PF Project featuring Ewan McGregor – Choose Life