Have you had enough

Getting a rejection is uplifting sometimes – it makes the weights fall off your shoulders, makes you want to take a deep breath to get ready to start fresh in the upcoming days. I got a little too many rejections lately.

But it’s good. I’ll get to start the year with a clear slate. I’ll do my best.

Now I feel like I finally managed to put my cape down. I am heading home tomorrow. It will all be good.

Phosphorescent – Tell Me Baby (Have You Had Enough)


Serenade to my matrace

Sleeping in my own bed is all that I need to wind down and get back on track with my regular schedule after my visitors are gone. It takes a while, but it feels nice every time. It makes me appreciate all I have again and makes me think about my values and priorities. Having a nice matrace and a paper bed is just enough.

Phosphorescent – Can I Sleep In Your Arms