I ate a kiwi after about 25 years for the first time today.
It’s nothing special for many, but for me, it means I stepped outside of my comfort zone and have overcome an irrational fear I had towards kiwis for a long time. I used to feel like I need to puke just by the smell of them, was disgusted about them, and never would’ve thought I’d give them another try.

But my anxiety caused by having had eaten too much of them once and having been incredibly sick for a while has slowly, very tiny steps at a time has gotten better.
Today, I got a few pieces from a friend, and felt adventurous enough to try.

To my greatest surprise, it was not disgusting or gross at all; I actually liked it.

Don’t give up on change. Sometimes it happens overnight, when you no longer focus on it. You’ll be surprised.

Postmodern Jukebox ft. Chloe Feoranzo – No Surprises (Vintage 1930s Jazz Radiohead Cover)