I got caught up with a childhood friend yesterday evening over Skype. One I went to school with. Now he’s living in the Netherlands, I am in Berlin, my best friend is in Poland, and most of our class is in Hungary.

So many memories! Time flies when you don’t run out of good old stories.

It’s interesting how life takes us all on different paths.
But ours started with this song at graduation.
Ain’t no stopping us, ever since.

Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

3 years in Berlin

October 27 – my moving to Berlin anniversary.
I was helping a friend to move a bed frame tonight. What a perfect spontaneous opportunity to celebrate this anniversary! I really enjoy my time in Berlin.

3 years ago, I moved here with a big suitcase, big dreams and a lot of enthusiasm. Today, I hardly can believe how my dreams came true and I am thrilled for the new challenges ahead of me.

I not only found a new start, but I found a new Home – with amazing friends, an incredible family, who still support me from the distance, inspiring colleagues, many opportunities, a scenery I can not get bored with, concert possibilities that make it hard to choose from, and a lot of interesting people I got to know over the years.
I hardly could be happier.

THANK YOU. For everyone, who made my 3rd year as amazing as it was. I hardly can believe how much has happened again – new job, new friends, 2 half marathons, 3 countries, West Highland Way, and a lot of visitors.
I look forward to see what the 4th year brings.
Happy, thank you, more please 

Queen – A Kind of Magic