I spent the whole day laying on the couch and bed, watching series, munching on food and trying to rest. I joined a family birthday day via Viber and I was making plans.

A full day off. Sometimes it’s exactly what one needs.

Radiohead – No Surprises

All around

…and so this morning it hit me: Christmas is all around!
This one is for all of the Mark Darcys with their silly jumpers around Christmas.
What a crime against music! 😀

Radiohead/Mariah Carey – Creep But It’s All I Want For Christmas Is You

4th floor

Everyone moves in Berlin, all the time. Usually from the 4th floor. Without an elevator.
Training – check.

I am one of the lucky ones, blessed with an elevator in the building.

Radiohead – Lift

Stopping time

Today was a public holiday in Germany. Der Tag der Deutschen Einheit.

Instead of going hiking due to the rain and wind, I ended up having dinner and a nice conversation with an exciting partner in crime. Getting to know someone is getting to know yourself. Visiting and re-visiting old stories, explaining learnings and theories, admitting grey areas.

I love conversations that I wish would never end.

Happy, thank you, more please.

Radiohead – Idioteque

Relative time

It’s unbelievable it is the end of August already. The exciting month of September with all the birthdays, the half marathon in Budapest, the hiking in Scotland is right around the corner. It’s hard to believe how fast we got here.

Yet parts of the days seem to last forever. Time is relative.

Radiohead – Street Spirit