Counting the days

Today is my mother’s birthday. I think I can write it down without any doubt: she is the BEST mom in the World.

Do you want to know the reasons why?

She was the one taking us to Sziget festival for the first time and then many times. Stood with us in the front row – this we can prove with a photo in Metal Hammer Magazine! She took me to many badass concerts: ZZ Top, Dire Straits, Prodigy, Alanis Morissette, Fazil Say, REM, The Kelly Family (!) and I could continue this list without an end.
She plays the piano as beautifully as I’ll never manage.
She taught us to be daring and dreamy while two feet on the ground.
She cooks the best dishes with tejföl. She is the queen of selfies.
She looks forever young and always finds a reason to laugh – even in heavy rain when our Dackel almost drowns in the puddles 🙂

This song brings me back a childhood memory: we are all sitting in the car and travelling somewhere (maybe in Austria) – this song goes on and we are this crazy happy singing family in the car. 🙂

Have a long and happy joyride, Anyu! In a few days, I’ll pull your ears. 😉
Boldog szülinapot!

Roxette – Joyride