You are what you eat

My eating habits have changed in the past year. It is about one year now that I stopped eating meat. Then around January came dairy and now, if I am home, I eat and cook mostly vegan. If I eat out, I am vegetarian. I am plant-based, and all these trendy labels. Yet none of them.

I believe our bodies are our temples and we should treat them well.

However, since I moved to my new team at work, I got lazy in the kitchen. I only realised how much of a bottleneck it is on our coaching session over the weekend. Since I don’t cook regularly nowadays, it can be that I have no food ready at home, which makes me skip programs sometimes, because after a long day at work, I am starving when I get home. If I wanted to do something afterwards and I have to focus on getting food or preparing food, I steal precious time from the extra activity I originally wanted to do.

So I am trying to focus more on cooking from now on again, to find my balance once more. After tonight’s meal prep, I remembered why I love to cook so much in the first place. It makes you satisfied to make your own food. If you know it is healthy as well, that’s even better.

(Shameless self-promotion for those who are interested in what I eat, my foodie side can be found here.)

Seasick Steve – Can U Cook?