Merry Christmas

It’s been a short and nice Christmas vacation visiting my family. Great news, nice discussions, some family quarrells, playing with my nephews, getting to know friends even better.

It’s been a nice time that ended fast.

We have just arrived back home and I still love to arrive back to Berlin.
The end of the year is really here, only a few days left to refresh that clear slate.

I’ll make the most of them. But first, we rest.

She & Him – The Christmas Song

Winter vibes

I was recovering from Friday night pretty much the whole weekend and took things slow. Due to the cold, I ended up making some apple compot today, and all of a sudden, winter time has crawled in my apartment.

I also managed to arrange our drive back home for Christmas. It’s unbelievable that it’s only a few weeks.

She & Him – I’ll Be Home for Christmas