Time after time

One of my dearest friends has just moved back to Berlin. Again. I am so glad she’s here!
It’s time for both of us for re-inventing the wheel. We start with a clean slate – the World is ours! 😉

Teona, willkommen zurück!

SOHN – The Wheel

Mix and match

Today, again, I’m grateful for my friends.

I remember right after I moved to Berlin, I met a friend of mine, who had been living here for a year already. He advised to keep as many habits from home as possible, get to know a lot of people (of course they will rotate, fall out and change from time to time), so that if I’m lucky, I’d manage to find a few good guys who will become my new friends here.

Today, I met a friend, who I got to know in the first month after moving here. We’ve become very good friends and it’s always a pleasure to meet, as we can never tell in advance where the day will bring us. To Babel for a delicious mixed plate, or to a random lake or riverbank in the city – Berlin is a mix and match game. You find different pieces and it’s up to you what you make out of it.

With my friends and all the nice places I discover from time to time, I feel like I’ve created my wonderland. Thank you for everyone, who joins this constellation, for any time. We are temporary arrangements, and I am glad to have you all.

SOHN – Oscillate (Everything Oscillates)

Send the elephants

Elephant in the porcelain store. – That’s what you feel like when you go somewhere unknown, taking risks. When the dice is on the other side. All you can do is wait and hope that throughout the years, your elephants learned to be very careful and that you’ve learned to send them to the porcelain store in the right time.
But they are elephants.

SOHN – Conrad