Security Check

It’s interesting how we expand and shrink our comfort zone based on the circumstances. A simple thing like picking up a delivery from a neighbour can become a challenge.
Walking on the street can become daunting. Picking up the phone to talk on different languages can be an obstacle.

But it’s all in your head. Once you realize that, you can decide how you want to react to things. Take it easy.

Sophie Hunger – Security Check


The Supermoon is bright and visible tonight. It’s beautiful. I love constellations like this. They get me excited always. I hope I’ll see the meteorid shower this August as well.

Bright light. It puts things in new perspectives.
As I am spending a lot of time home now, I have some time to think about things. To organize, arrange, mentally declutter. I am thinking a lot about what and who I’d like to surround myself with.

In the past years, as I got more and more sensitive to the full Moon, I learned not to make rushed decisions.

Sophie Hunger – Supermoon