I remember I saw a video by Amanda Palmer about the power of asking nicely. It was an eye-opener moment for me, so I’ll leave it right here and leave it up to you, what you take with you from that:

I had another incredible experience, back in July, 2015. I took a bus tour through Dresden and Berlin. Our accomodation in Dresden was outside the city, in a tiny town  – basically a few houses in the middle of the firest, with seemingly nothing, but the wellness hotel we stayed in. On the second evening, I didn’t want to just rest in my room after dinner, so I asked the waitress at the dining area if she knew of a nice place to watch the sunset from.
She had an enthusiastic sparkle in her eyes, and she told me to meet her at the reception in 5 minutes. By the time I got there, she was waiting for me with a piece of paper – a lazily drawn map and itiner on it. She handed it over to me, along with a key:
– Follow this route and you will get to a lookout tower. Her’s the key to it.

My mind was blown. What are the odds, that the key to the only lookout tower would be waiting for me at that random hotel, and that the waitress would be so kind to lend it to someone she never met before…
It was one of the most remarkable sunsets I’ve seen so far, one that I will never forget.

Since then, I realised I had nothing to lose by simply asking for things. On the other hand, I can get unexpectedly surprised and collect memories I would miss out on otherwise.

Asking for things nicely is a link to connect. If only for 2 minutes, until you give someone you no longer use, or for a shorter time until you help someone fix something they could not manage to fix without extra hands.

Berlin is a green bubble for caring about the environment and being open to unusual solutions. Sharing is caring and one person’s trash is someone else’s treasure. In the culture of “zu verschenken” and Free Your Stuff solutions, you can easily find the next best spot for your no longer needed belongings. Give your old bike to charity and support refugees with it, give away your empty jars to someone who will use them on his wedding, take 5 minutes to help someone carry some heavy bags in your neighbourhood.

Spread love. It will all come back to you, eventually.

Steven Wilson – Ask Me Nicely