Spare parts

I still think Benetton’s Unemployee of the year campaign was brilliant. It guides the spotlight on the human beings behind the numbers. The effort behind “failure”. The determination behind staying motivated. The will to fight for a good cause.

Today, businesses are built to create profit and no longer focus on the employees, who are the building blocks of company knowledge. But a string can be tightened only to a certain point and then it torns apart. Replacing building blocks with spare parts is not feasible on the long run.

Capitalism, wake up. You are built by the human particles. You are only an illusion without their support. The more you increase the tension, the more people will seek an exit.

Here’s a song for the commitment you demonstrated – day in, day out. For standing tall in the face of adversity. For the perseverance. For delivering under pressure and showing leadership qualities. Never forget: a job doesn’t define you – what you fight for does.

The Blackwater Fever – Night Creeper