We are here to teach each other and to learn. I truly believe we meet everyone on our way for a reason, and that everyone teaches us something – which we might realize only years after.

I am surrounded by inspiring characters, weak and strong, positive and negative – each of them showing me something new about myself.

We are here to learn and practice. Every day is a learning.

The Cinematic Orchestra – Lessons

Schlaf gut

Sometimes I am wondering how we attract the people we meet in our life. Every connection is a new opportunity to see ourselves in new lights. I truly believe we meet everyone for a reason. We learn from each other. What the lesson is, depends on the person.

It was Thanksgiving in the US today.

I am thankful to have someone to wish me good night.

The Cinematic Orchestra – Lullaby

Blink of an eye

Sometimes you don’t even realize and you change. Sometimes change comes with a strong feeling. Sometimes it’s frightening. I’m glad I can be of comfort in such situations sometimes.

The Cinematic Orchestra – Arrival of the Birds & Transformation