Day 0

Long distances. It feels like I’ve just done a half marathon. Only without running. Today, I’ve put a heavy weight off of my shoulders. It made me feel light, free and then exhausted.

But that’s what holidays are for. I’m going to rest, chill, recharge.
Then I’ll jump into my next long distance.

The The – This Is The Day

New start

Yesterday, as I was flying back to Berlin, I was thinking about how things have changed lately. Losses, gains, change in relationships, thoughts.

I flew back to Berlin, and it feels like as if it’s a new start.

With the new challenges and the amazing network I have, my friends, who I can count on, who take me out for crazy Berlin experiences, I am ready to start fresh. It will be way easier than when I first moved here – now I have a home.

It feels good to come home here. Of course, I am taking everything that’s important with me. Even if only in my head (and heart).

The The – This is the Day