Wheels running

My hamster run becomes a flight at the end of the week. Until then, there’s plenty to arrange. The carousel never stops turning.

A refreshing breeze is Thom Yorke’s new album.
I am totally in love with his music.

Thom Yorke – Not The News


Change. Relief. Disappointment. Lightness. Carelessness. Fresh air. Freedom.

Analyse. Breathe. Believe. Time is an illusion.
We are temporary arrangements.

Thom Yorke – Analyse

The Zone

Once you are in the Zone, time flies. Finding your way back to it sometimes take effort and time. But once you get there again, it feels nice.

Thom Yorke – Two Feet Off the Ground

Rain washed day

Today was a quiet day. The rain was falling almost all day outside. Some of the leaves from the storm are still dancing on our balcony. Sunshine would be nice to put the world in new light.

Thom Yorke – And It Rained All Night

Thinking without borders

One of my best friends from Berlin moved home to Romania a few weeks ago. Today, it is her birthday. I wish I could pull her ears!

“This is the perfect opportunity to practice patience.”

I am still getting used to the phenomena that many of my new friends have/will leave this amazing city. I am still getting used to sharing our friendship over hundreds of kms. Of course being separated is not the end of the World. But I do miss those friends (some of them in advance, for now they are still here, but I know they would be gone later on).

Teona, tonight’s song is for You – from a common favorite of ours. 😉 I hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Thom Yorke – Cymbal Rush

Kickstart a dead horse

Unpacking and loading a vinyl for the first time is pure pleasure. When it is one of your all time favorite artists, then you feel as excited as before anything new for the first time.

Finally, I have Thom Yorke’s The Eraser album on record. Life is beautiful. It is that simple.

Thom Yorke – Black Swan

Back to Default

My visitors went home and we are back to our default settings. Berlin shows its most summery face and I have some Hungarian goods in my fridge. Sweet gluttony!

Tonight’s song is by one of my heroes: Thom Yorke, who hardly ever fails to surprise me. When I first visited my new hometown, I could hardly believe my ears when I heard this one at a store; hearing it every now and then still confirms I moved to the most awesome city in Europe.

I wish everyone could enjoy life as I do in Berlin nowadays. This should be the default.

Atoms for Peace – Default