One way ticket

2 years ago, I was spending my last day in Hungary, knowing I have my one way train ticket to Berlin. It was an exciting time, with high hopes, I was full of enthusiasm and nothing could’ve stopped me.

One of my best friends, Bátyó (my Brother, who is a girl, and whose younger brother I am) sent me this song then. She got me. She was also the one giving me one of the best advices after moving here and in doubt. I was in a very uncertain situation after two weeks, when I had to leave the Airbnb room I had for the first few weeks, one day prior to what we agreed on and I had no clue where to go. Until that point, it never happened to me that I didn’t know where I would sleep at night.  I remember telling her how desperate I felt, and she told me:

“Kati. This is the perfect opportunity for you to practice patience.”

I thought I could drown her in a spoon of water for this advice 🙂 Since then, this advice has proven to be the best one I could’ve ever gotten. I keep telling this to myself when I get to risky/unknown situations. Nothing’s worth worrying – it doesn’t solve anything.
I – on the other hand – do.

Thanks again for the perfect advice and for the best soundtrack for my last night in Esztergom!

Tracy Chapman – She’s Got Her Ticket

Fast Car

Visiting home means a lot of travelling. Not only because it is 900 km away, but also because my family lives in 4-5 different locations. Organizing the tour involving a few friends is always a challenge.

I am not a car person, but these days, I really enjoy having a fast one.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car