Communication dip

Good communication is the holy grail to opening doors.

Some are more talented than the others. Some get distracted by it.
I love to distract people.

Today, when a manager of mine asked me out of the blue: What makes you happy?, I gave him an answer he was not expecting. “I am in general a very grateful person, so I find a lot of things in life that make me happy”

I believe this question was meant to create some distraction. But as this answer genuinely surprised him, I think he was the one distracted. It ended up to be a constructive discussion, even if we don’t think alike.

Vashti Bunyan – If I Were – Same But Different

Lightness of being

Today was an easy day. An exciting one. A chill one. A moderately active one. Also, a slightly forgetful one. One learns from their mistakes. In spite of all that, I feel light today.

I wish weekends lasted way longer.

Vashti Bunyan – Just Another Diamond Day