King of my castle

I’d been logged out in the past few days. Being on holidays meant I got to do what I wanted, whenever I wanted, just as I wanted, not having to stress about any schedules or responsibilities. I burried myself in the amazing scenery of the Harz mountains: stayed in Quedlinburg and visited Wernigerode for a day. It’s been lovely.

This area is famous for its old little buildings that make you feel like you are walking in a Christmas decoration. 🙂

I got to rest and relax and think about the past months without forcing it.
The main outtakes?

  • I need to focus more on what my goals are and practice letting go irrational worries that don’t take me further
  • I want to focus more on healthy eating and keeping my body healthy and fit
  • I want to be more outside
  • I want to find ways to put myself out of my comfort zone regularly
  • I want to never forget what a great gift life is and enjoy the little things

In general, these goals have always been key for me. This trip has just strengthened me in my core values. Some general changes are ahead and further adjustments in the existing pillars are due.

Surrounded by fairy tale-like buildings, castles and hills, I feel like I have the power to be the queen of my own castle I am building day-by-day.

Wamdue Project – King Of My Castle