Having a soul and feelings in capitalism is not remunerative. Productivity is.
Choose the kibbler wisely in which you are willing to slice pieces of your soul.

We Plants Are Happy Plants – Sell Your Soul

(Fast) Alles zu verschenken

I got amazing new pillows for my balcony furniture for free today.
This is not the first time I found exactly what I was looking for, for free, making someone else happy that they don’t have to throw their things away, but instead, they can make someone else find what she had been looking for.

Berlin is a golden mine for upcycling, trading and giving things away for free.
“One person’s trash is someone else’s treasure.” – it couldn’t be any more true.

Finding the things you need for free feels a lot like treasure hunting. Sometimes it takes weeks, or even months to find the perfect match, some other times, things just “fall into your lap” when you least expect them.

I truly believe we have everything we might would need – we just have to share things better, so everyone finds what they still miss. When you get into the habit of giving away and taking things for free, your concept of ownership shifts.
We are temporary arrangements, moving things on this gigantic space ship called Earth, then we disappear and someone else finds treasures among our left over things. I am practicing gratitude towards all I have. Because I know it is all temporary.

We Plants Are Happy Plants – Om Namah Shivaya