Things to do

One of my neighbours was listening to very loud music today. My dog went out to the balcony to enjoy it. Then another neighbour was practicing songs on the piano I also used to learn. We went for a walk around the Velodrom in the light of the setting Sun.

Everyone finds a way to wind down.

Yann Tiersen – Porz Goret

Long lost sleep

I can not sleep in daylight. I could have the darkest curtains, and still, if outside, there’s still daylight, I couldn’t sleep. There are two exceptions: when I’m exhausted and when I’m sick.

I managed to sleep almost 3 hours during the day today. It was long due.

Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright – While You Sleep

Autumn’s magic

I love this season. It was sunny today after I woke up, so we took a somewhat longer walk to drop a book at an open library and do some weekend chores. The leaves and colours, combined with people enjoying the lovely weather, the farmer’s market we bumped into, the smells and noises of the season got me in a very good mood. I was actually quite efficient continuing decluttering, organizing stuff at home and also managing to rest.

Today was a chill day, making me a tad nostalgic. My 3rd year anniversary in Berlin is around the corner. It is unbelievable how many things have happened in these past few years. The best part is, that most of the time, I was becoming happy, and for quite a while, I feel content.

Autumn is a magical season. I am glad to experience it in Berlin.

Yann Tiersen – Tempelhof