5, 4, 3, 2, 1

…and so it begins…

Zagar – Escape From The Earth


Eastern sugar

I love my life in Berlin. I am finally in a place where efforts are appreciated, noted, feedback is given. Where spending an evening by the river bank with a Falafel and Radler after a working day is ordinary. Where my friends are happy and content. Where my work makes sense and I love to learn. Where I bring my Hungarian heritage in the way of thinking and adjust it to its best. I am bringing my eastern sugar in my western shoes.

Ich ❤ mein Leben.

Zagar – Eastern Sugar

Never the same

Every day is a learning. Since I started in my new job, I learn tons of information every day. Sometimes I feel like my brain is rejecting any updates, other times it seems that things start to settle in. It’s tiring, a challenge, but sometimes rewarding too. Little victories feel like big wins, and luckily, on tougher days, I have other things to be grateful for. Finding the right balance is what I’m working on.

Zagar – Never the Same

Taste of snow

It was snowing nicely in Berlin tonight. We took a short walk with my dog and only a few minutes of walking in the pouring snow soothed me.

I read somewhere a list of the most soothing sounds once – stepping on fresh snow was one of them. I can’t decide if it is the sound or smell of it, or maybe its colour – only a thin white layer makes everything look more clear, harmless.

I am grateful for the snow tonight. I wish it would stay.

Zagar – Taste of Snow


Sometimes, Báró has nightmares; he howls and cries in his sleep – that’s when I usually wake him up. Nightmares, I believe he has since before I adopted him. I hope he could forget them. After a while, he then snores peacefully.

My favorite dreams are the ones in which I’m falling. Haven’t had that for a while.

Zagar – Blindflight

Parallel Universes

Everything happens always at the same time, everywhere. All the choices you make have been made. Every path is a real path. Murphy’s Rule or Karma? Sometimes I wish I could be in two places at once.

Zagar – Odd Moments of Eternity

The prophet is a fool

Almost exactly 8 years ago, I heard Zagar playing live for the first time, in Budapest, as the opening act before Depeche Mode. The vocals woke me up and a love started back then, all of a sudden, that lasts forever.

This song used to be my wake-up song, my ringtone, my working song in the background. It is now filled with a lot of great memories and “good stories”.

Hungarian music as I like it.

Zagar – The Prophet Is a Fool