Pure exhaustion

Having a long-haired dachshund with a 3-days-lasting diarrhea is exhausting. At least I can now say I levelled up: our first visit to the vet, completely in German is behind us. Sprachübung at its best.

Phosphorescent – Down To Go


Triggers and tresholds are interesting. Sometimes a glance can open a whole new chapter or trigger memories. When something is out of balance, it can be either too much or not enough.

I went to the Deutsche Oper to see Don Giovanni tonight. The modern adaptation of the opera was over the fine line dividing unique from cliché.

Then looking at the Moon has triggered the same thought across hundreds of kms.

I already look forward for tomorrow’s triggers.

Morcheeba – Trigger Hippie

Float like a feather

I used to go swimming with a friend of mine regularly a long time ago. I swim like an old granny – with my head out of the water, super slow -, however, I still enjoyed those trainings. The best part was just simply floating in the water, once I completed the planned distance.

Floating and free falling are somewhat similar. The dimension of weight ceases to exist, you are free and carefree.

That’s exactly the feeling you miss, when you have a headache.
I am still looking for a solution, how to experience this floating/free falling effect.

Camille – Lasso

Paint it new

I met a very nice Spanish artist, who will paint my living room wall. New perspectives, imagination, forms and colours. I hardly can wait to see her first designs.

Paint The Sky Red – The Happy Ending Is You

Out of space

I am lucky. I met someone, who makes me feel at home, wherever we are.
Time spent together is a treasure. Time ceases to exist then, temporarily.
It’s a very nice temporary arrangement.

Khruangbin – Master of Life

Boomerang weekend

I made a Boomerang-trip to Hungary and back. Flying home on Saturday, and Monday morning I am already back home. Yet two amazing and eventful weekend days has just passed, meeting my friends, taking part at a demonstration, staying with my family and celebrating my nephew’s 3rd birthday. I loved every bit of it.

Tomorrow, work starts again, I it seems surreal I’ve been through all this fun, love, surprise, that I walked the amazing streets of Budapest, stayed in Csepel and had a night in Esztergom before heading back to Berlin. Probably the tiredness would arrive in the upcoming days.

For now, I am only grateful and content. I love both of my homes.

Hanson – MMMBop

We only sleep one

Having a boomerang-trip home is always confusing. You fly home on Saturday, enjoy the weekend at home, to travel back home on Monday morning. It feels like you use a teleport, when you fly. 1,5 hours, and you are in Budapest. By the time you acknowledge you are there, you are preparing for the flight back.

It’s good exhausting. It’s confusing. It’s something to look forward to. Even when it’s late at night, and you have to wake up in a few hours to make it to the airport.

I am coming soon.

Moby – This Wild Darkness