In the Sun

I got a front box dog basket for my dog for the bike. We can now conquer the World on two wheels. Life is beautiful. Especially with the Sun finally out. Spring is here.

I love how the tiniest changes can have a huge effect on your mood.

Nirvana – All Apologies

Something in the way

Obstacles. Fair or not. I got used to them. I learned that every obstacle can be conquered with the right approach. Yet every now and then I get stuck. That’s how life works.

I am practicing letting my anger go when facing a situation I believe is not seen in its real form. But of course being all Zen is a learning curve. Today was not one of my strong days.

Nirvana – Something in the Way


When meeting someone new, you tell your story. Which parts of your story and how much you interpret it depends on the person. It puts things in perspective sometimes, and as the perspective changes over time you realize you’ve aged. Grabbing old memories and cleaning off the dust feels nice though.

Nirvana – Love Buzz