Move me

I have been in bed a lot lately, but this evening, I finally went for a longer walk. It felt so good!

I don’t like to go out nowdays. There are too many people still out on the streets. So we usually take short walks with my dog, keeping a technical break, more than a proper walk. But this evening was nice. The temperature was great today, it felt like a summer night. Finally there were also less people around.

I think evening long walks will be our new thing from now on.

Daniel Norgren – Moonlight Got Me

Sunshine break

Berlin is officially under lockdown as of this evening.

But today was beautiful. We took advantage of the sunshine and went to the nearby park, Volkspark Prenzlauer Berg to enjoy the Sun, recharge our vitamin D storage and have some fresh air.

Everyday life changes from one day to the other now, but we are all set.
I hope people will take the lockdown seriously, so we have a better chance to make this slower and safer.

It’s time to slow down.
Stay safe.

Daniel Norgren – Howling Around My Happy Home