Summer heat

I am so glad the weekend is here. The heat took a lot out of me this week. I plan to be efficient tomorrow to run some chores, but after then, the weekend will be a time off.
I’ll hopefully start with a good sleep.

Ray LaMontagne – Summer Clouds

Make it through

Support and caring. I’m lucky to have both. Tonight, I got to die in bed a little while longer, while Báró still got his evening walk.

I fell not only asleep in that moment.

Anything could come now. I have the best team.

Ray LaMontagne – We’ll Make It Through

Farewell, 2018!

What a year this has been!

I have learnt to let go, to grieve, to hold on to my friends, to find new ones, to love and be loved, to learn to get to know each other and myself, to let go of unnecessary worries, to find joy in the simple things. I have learned to find common pace and respect boundaries, to be adored and to let myself be adored, to share happiness, to be tough.

I have started a new job that I love, ran my 10th half marathon, was hiking on the West Highland Way, I have finally visited Potsdam, played the minimalist game, managed to decrease my trash to a level where emptying the recycling bin once a week is more than enough, I have gotten genuinely enthusiastic and felt loved.

I am grateful for all the challenges I had to face this year, and especially for the good company of my friends I could always rely on for support and fun.

This year was a good one. I hardly can wait to see what the future brings.

Boldog új évet!

Ray LaMontagne – You Are the Best Thing

Here and now

I have reached another milestone today, as my job contract got prolonged with another year. Knowing what’s ahead feels good. Now I get to focus more on the here and now. I like the hamster run I have designed for myself.

Ray LaMontagne – Be Here Now

Learning opportunities

“Every day is a learning” – said a friend of mine once, before we became friends and I hated him for it. However, as with most of the stark realities, he happened to be right. If I face a difficult situation today, I try to take it as a challenge, an opportunity to learn something new, sometimes even about myself.

I am in the lucky position to have enough time granted to learn. Therefore, I am grateful.

Ray LaMontagne – Hey, No Pressure