Deep dive

I have dived deep at the heart of update requests at work. I was part of an escalation and it was interesting to watch 3 different teams working on one case, all approaching from a different perspective. It was also exhausting.

Today felt like a Friday that never ends. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

OK Go – Last Leaf

Family reunion, half marathon, holidays and coming Home

In the past 2,5 weeks a lot has happened to us.

I’ve completed my 8th half marathon, met my whole family, went to Italy with a part of them to meet other family members there, spent an amazing 2 weeks in Lignano, and then we returned home with the usual delays with Air Berlin and a connecting flight in Düsseldorf.

It’s been a tiring, yet fullfilling 2,5 weeks, that has granted me great energies to start fresh back here.

…and what about Berlin? – We love to get home here.

OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out