Practicing patience

Obstacles can come your way no matter how prepared you are. Sometimes you are creating your own challenges, sometimes the circumstances change or it is simply bad timing. Sometimes you need to change, in order to find your balance again.

In these times, the idea of being temporary arrangements gives me comfort.
Taking things one step at a time and not being too harsh on ourselves is key.
After all, we are all here to be practicing patience.

Never be daunted.

Guns’n’Roses – Patience

Loose yourself

Karaoke in Berlin is a crazy way of bonding. From Eminem to Led Zeppelin, you can jump in the skin of so many illusions and in the meanwhile get to know some twisted and nice people.

“Du bist verrück, mein Kind, Du musst nach Berlin!”

I have the most amazing colleagues in the World and the coolest friends!

Guns’n’Roses – Sweet Child of Mine