Times like these

When this whole pandemic started, I was talking to my Mom and said this would be a test, that would weigh our society and culture as the whole of humankind. That our will, togetherness, compatibility, empathy, strength and good will will be tested. That this will be a chance to fail and learn, on different scales, depending on where we live on the planet.

I belong to the lucky ones, living in Germany, one of the first world countries with freedom, a working and strong health system and an overall open culture.

But what is happening now is bigger than we are, locally. If we follow the news, we also see that humankind is failing, worldwide.

This is nothing new. We are failing in the fight of climate change, in the sharing of goods, in transparent communication, in fair trade. In reacting to news with empathy.

We have had and are facing struggles and obstacles that we could and should learn from. We also do. However, we are slow learners.

That picture of an off the grid tiny home with a garden in the middle of nowhere, away from society seems more inviting than ever.

But there are also positive changes. Neighbours helping each other out in need, sacrifices we do together in order to save those most in risk, technological developments and flexibility for instant solutions.

Covid-19 rushes through the planet like a strong wave. It feels like ages, but if we look at the big scale, it will only be a short period of hard times.

When I try to put this in perspective, I remember this video from before, that focuses more on climate change, which is an ongoing issue:

It will be months before we get through this challenge we are facing now, and probably years to get back on track. We will lose, and we will win. Things will change.

When they do, I am wondering: will we also learn?

Pearl Jam – Just Breathe

Rare birds

Everyone admires wild animals. They are beautiful, strong, independent, unique. When a rare bird lands on your porch, you try not to scare it away. You wish it stays, so you get to study it.

That’s exactly how I feel for people I find interesting and beautiful human beings.

I am a rare bird. One day, someone won’t be afraid to study me.

Pearl Jam – Wishlist