Chill and transition

It’s been a busy week. I was sick, had a tiny surgery, was curing my dog for an eye-issue, was a reliable friend, arranged things in advance, re-evaluated my situation, voted for the future, and finally managed to sleep enough.

Tomorrow, I enter the carousel again.
But tonight, I still rest.

Skinshape – Rubber Gloves

Mix and match

I have a concept that dictates and motivates many of my lifestyle choices: everything we ever might need is already created, produced, built somewhere on Earth. We just need to find it and give space for the stuff we no longer use or need to find their new home,

What we actually need can be listed in a few bulletpoints:

  • love
  • relationships and meaningful connections
  • a place to call home
  • food to live on
  • health

On top of necessities, we tend to end up collecting a lot of stuff in our lives. Some things we use for decades, some for years, but there are a few we use only temporarily, for a few minutes or hours even.

I got into the habit of looking at my belongings as temporary companions. They stick with me as long as I make good use of them, but if I tend not to use them anymore, or I end up not needing them, I give them the chance to serve someone else and make someone else happy.

The easiest way to do this is with swapping clothes. I haven’t bought new pieces in years, but my wardrobe keeps changing as I tend to get pieces from friends and like-minded strangers. One person’s “trash” is another one’s treasure.

I love to swap items with friends. It is always special, because then the new item will remind me of them. When I see how happy they are with something I no longer need, it is a “so genannte win-win Situation”. ❤

Skinshape – After Midnight