We can be heroes

33 000 steps in 2 hours, 30 minutes and 39 seconds. That’s what it takes to feel like a superhero.

I ran my 11th half marathon, and no, I don’t get bored of it.
I wish the World would be more like these running events. Where people consider their priorities (health comes first), look out for each other, have supporting comments to strangers, smile, and have a sparkle of “walking in the same shoes”in their eyes.

I have seen old and young supporting each other, strangers sharing the joy of victory, friends standing up for each other, people fighting their tears of joy and stress relief.

It is incredible what the human body and mind can endure. It is incredible, how much we can overcome.

I wish everyone could experience the runner’s high: when you realize, that you are capable of everything and anything, if you really set your mind to it. We can be heroes.

David Bowie – Heroes