In my head

I put a spell on me.

I created my island with a bubble. It’s mostly balanced and at ease. It looks harmless and loving. Some love to have vacations there. And just like in these tiny glasses with the snow inside, every now and then a storm comes to stir up the ocean and shake the trees.

When the storms are gone, I look for bottle posts and assess the damage. However, it’s weightless. It’s imaginary. It’s an island. As everything else, it’s an illusion.

I guess my island will become “perfect” when no bottle posts are sent anymore.

Alice Phoebe Lou – Girl On An Island


Development can crawl hidden in the background. As soon as you start to enjoy the journey instead of pushing yourself towards framed goals, your threshold for stress cease to exist. You slowly bounce back to your center without feeling far too stretched.

I am in a slow flow.

Alice Phoebe Lou – Galaxies

Voice for the voiceless

Zoos, safaris, aquariums. Tigers, dolphins, people. Inhabitants of these facilities are silent victims of human ego. Having bigger cages doesn’t change the fact that those are cages.

Choose Dreamland instead, try to catch them in their natural habitat (as long as they still have a chance to live there), and respect their freedom. Here’s to all the silent prisoners.

Alice Phoebe Lou – The Tiger

Devil’s Sweetheart

Yesterday night, a dream came true.
I stood in the full room of Lido, listening to a true talent, playing her heart out.
Alice Phoebe Lou, you stunned me with the strength of music.

Alice Phoebe Lou – Devil’s Sweetheart

Escape from society

I had today off after the half marathon. As a retreat from the election results back home, I met a good friend of mine and we headed to the Berlinische Gallerie. It was a perfect hideaway from the there and now.

Alice Phoebe Lou – Society

Time is ticking away

It is unbelievable it is September already. In 3 days I will run my 8th half marathon in Budapest, I’ll meet my family tomorrow and we’ll spend some time together in September. Until then, there are a few tiny things to organize here in Berlin, that – no doubt – I will manage.

The carousel never stops turning.

This song reminds me of clocks and the time passing by. Good times pass twice as fast…

Alice Phoebe Lou – Untitled

Touristen im Regen

Berlin weather in summer: take a free week and add some greyness and rain = what you get is the typical tourist weather – one that makes you lazy in the morning and determined during the day. But then the rain stops and you no longer mind the grey weather as there are a lot to see.

18 km with tram, U-Bahn, S-Bahn and walking. Day 1, you’d been great.

Alice Phoebe Lou – Berlin Blues

She – who I am

Closing a chapter means shutting down. After great work, the World’s tiredness arrives. Once it passes, it is time to reboot.

The good thing about not knowing what’s next is that until nothing is decided, everything’s possible. I’ll need to have a great look at what it is I really want and then play accordingly. Brain dump day, we will meet again soon.

Until then, I’ll enjoy all the great music Berlin offers. Such as this one:

Alice Phoebe Lou – She (Live)