A good gardener

I always believed that if we ever start to really love someone, that love that we created can not be taken back. It is an energy in the World, that stays out there, no matter what. It may change, fade, transform into a different kind of love, but it is out there.

Think about it as growing plants in a garden. You start to take care of the tiny shoots, they grow and become something new. They grow, change, and sometimes wither. Watering the garden is a one way thing. You can’t take the water back and you can only hope it will help your plants grow. Sometimes they wither and something new grows to their place. Sometimes your once tiny plant becomes a pine tree.

I am a good gardener. I show up every day, water my plants and always try to grow new seeds. What I am not good at is letting things go.

Even if a plant of mine no longer strives, I still take care of it, hoping it will revive. Sometimes they do.

I am a good gardener. Two positive skills of mine are persistence and patience.
Letting go, is not one of them.

Robert Plant – Carry Fire

House of love

After an insanely long 16-hours-car-ride yesterday, we got home to Berlin after a perfect week of vacation. Family, friends, good food, enjoying my network, company, and doing nothing in general for a whole week.

The 16+ hours car ride back home was a little unexpected, but we managed to survive, and we took today slow, enjoying a sunny Berlin. I love to get back here.

Life goes on from tomorrow on, and I can’t wait to see what the next weeks will bring.
This summer is great so far.

Robert Plant – House of Love


This song is pure happiness. I once even told my family I would pick this as my wedding song (if for some strange reasons I would have a wedding where a song is needed). Today, it simply reflects my contentness. My life is beautiful – with all its challenges.

Robert Plant – Rainbow