We are destined to fail. Nothing lasts forever, but we can find ways to enjoy the journey and have fun in even the weirdest situations.

Here’s a song for division and collision. For my rocks, who bring me smiles and understanding in the darkest times. I love changing perspectives with them. Sometimes I am wondering if they have a clue how much I love them.

Pink Floyd – Us And Them

Unordinary measures

>>Days on Earth are getting longer as the moon slowly moves farther away from us, new research shows.

The moon is about 4.5 billion years old and resides some 239,000 miles (385,000 kilometers) away from Earth, on average. However, due to tidal forces between our planet and the moon, the natural satellite slowly spirals away from Earth at a rate of about 1.5 inches (3.82 centimeters) per year, causing our planet to rotate more slowly around its axis.

“As the moon moves away, the Earth is like a spinning figure skater who slows down as they stretch their arms out,” study co-author Stephen Meyers, a professor of geoscience at UW-Madison, said in the statement.<<

Every time I read something like this (for the full article, click here), I feel reminded of how tiny and insignificant we are. Yet our impact is greater than we think.
You can be an activist or a dreamer – just never forget: we are travelling in this spaceship called Earth all together.

Pink Floyd – Breathe / Any Colour You Like

How soon is now


A nice side effect of not having to go to the office 9 to 5 regularly is that the days collide and you loose track of time. I only realized, that I hadn’t even have a clock in my apartment today, as my new watch arrived in the post.

Enjoy the timeless moments whenever possible, for they are the best.

Pink Floyd – Time