Declare independence

It is the 3rd Advent tonight and people in Hungary are protesting in front of the central building of the public television. It is several days in a row now and the crowds are desperate. There’s no way escaping politics in Hungary today.

It hurts my soul what happens in my country, for the future is dark.

Björk – Declare Independence

Oh, so quiet

I am training Báró to stay home quietly. Sometimes, we have support, sometimes we are training on our own. With his past, it’s interesting to check the video recordings I make of him alone in the apartment.

He feels like home, yet still can get anxious sometimes. But he is getting used to it. He learns not to fear.

I imagine he goes through the same stages as we, humans do, when trying to shoo away unwanted thoughts recurring in our heads. Time is key.

Björk – It’s Oh So Quiet

This is a good day

Lately I’d been experiencing with positive affirmations in the morning; however, today is a good day, for one particular reason.

Björk is someone I listen to occasionally, when my mood fits her music – or vice versa. Today is such a day. Have a good start to the week!

Björk – Violently Happy