Secret ways

When someone truly gets you, it’s a gift.

Moran Magal – Secret Way To Heaven


We made Manuel sing tonight. 🙂 He sold his soul at a high price. It was so worth it!
I love my colleagues. ❤

Stevie Wonder – Superstitious

A good gardener

I always believed that if we ever start to really love someone, that love that we created can not be taken back. It is an energy in the World, that stays out there, no matter what. It may change, fade, transform into a different kind of love, but it is out there.

Think about it as growing plants in a garden. You start to take care of the tiny shoots, they grow and become something new. They grow, change, and sometimes wither. Watering the garden is a one way thing. You can’t take the water back and you can only hope it will help your plants grow. Sometimes they wither and something new grows to their place. Sometimes your once tiny plant becomes a pine tree.

I am a good gardener. I show up every day, water my plants and always try to grow new seeds. What I am not good at is letting things go.

Even if a plant of mine no longer strives, I still take care of it, hoping it will revive. Sometimes they do.

I am a good gardener. Two positive skills of mine are persistence and patience.
Letting go, is not one of them.

Robert Plant – Carry Fire

4th floor

Everyone moves in Berlin, all the time. Usually from the 4th floor. Without an elevator.
Training – check.

I am one of the lucky ones, blessed with an elevator in the building.

Radiohead – Lift


The best connections are the ones you don’t have to worry about what you say to them or how you act around them. They are real partners in crime who grant you freedom. Time spent with them feels natural. It’s easy.

That’s what I treasure the most. To see each other with our ups and downs, good and bad, striving and struggling.

I am fortunate, for I have several of these special bonds in my life. I am super grateful for my friends.

Babe Rainbow – Many Moons of Love