Your mind and memories can trick you into strange dreams.

Jeff Beck & Tal Wilkenfeld – Cause We’ve Ended As Lovers


1 year passed

Yesterday was the first year anniversary of the blog. 365 days ago, I came up with the idea to start a musical journal and post a song every day if possible. I started this blog as an experiment. I was curious where it takes me. 328 posts later, I would summarize it as a daily habit that challenges me sometimes, gives me outlet to share my happiness, sometimes my deepest thoughts shaped in a few words. It provides regularity and functions as a musical snapshot of my life. When I turn the pages, I not only remember the song, but they trigger all the memories from each day – even those unwritten ones.

For those, who share this experience with me: Thank you. You may have gotten to know me a tad better.
I hope you have found some intriguing triggers and unexpected surprises here.
If you’d like, come along with me in this musical journey – I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Norah Jones – What Am I to You


Partner in crime

Wes Anderson never fails to amaze me. The Isle of Dogs is yet another masterpiece.
What I love about his movies is that they take you a whole parallel universe. As long as you are under his spell, the World outside ceases to exist. Entering this Universe with a partner in crime and being in awe together is another level of happiness.

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – I Won’t Hurt You

Get me

While discussing the serious topics of life with a good friend of mine chewing on some Flammkuchen, I was wondering if it is possible to fully get each other. On any level, in any type of relationship, or in any sort of human connection.

The helpless dreamer side of me still yearns for a partner in crime, who I could communicate with without words.

Everything But the Girl – Get Me

Sunny side of the street

We went hiking today. From Nikolassee to Grünewald Turm and back home. It is always magical to see the lake from above as you arrive by Wannsee Terassen. Then just as we arrived to the lookout tower to enjoy some Ofenkartoffel in the Biergarten, a band of old jazz musicians were playing this song.

Sometimes, life is perfect.

Louis Armstrong – On the Sunny Side of the Street

Feels like summer

Today felt like summer. I met a friend to have some ice cream and head out to the nearby park to read a book and enjoy the Son laying on our picnic blanket. It was a perfect day. Hopefully the weather stays like this, and then we’ll head back to one of my favorite areas, Wannsee tomorrow. Even daydreaming goes better in such weather.

Chad & Jeremy – A Summer Song


The power of a note

Ólafur Arnalds was playing tonight. He never fails to win me over again. With his humble presence and honest music, he brought me to tears tonight. It’s almost unbelievable how powerful music is. Sometimes one note brings up all the memories. Sometimes one note is enough to temporarily bring someone back.

Thank you for tonight.

Ólafur Arnalds – 0952

Practicing patience

Obstacles can come your way no matter how prepared you are. Sometimes you are creating your own challenges, sometimes the circumstances change or it is simply bad timing. Sometimes you need to change, in order to find your balance again.

In these times, the idea of being temporary arrangements gives me comfort.
Taking things one step at a time and not being too harsh on ourselves is key.
After all, we are all here to be practicing patience.

Never be daunted.

Guns’n’Roses – Patience