Stories of our lives

Have you ever really given a though to your life being a story you are telling yourself? How many times, has it turned out you interpreted things differently than someone else? As events in life happen to us, it is a matter of our understanding, experiences and current mood, how we live them. One thing can mean something to you and a completely different thing to someone else.

Aiming for the joint connection, when you fully share an experience with someone is quite utopistic.

Yet there are dreamers among us, who won’t take that being unrealistic as a reality.

Exist Strategy ft. Bucky – Stories Never Told



Báró 9

The little piece of the World that we fixed – my dog, Báró turned 9 today.
It was one of the best decisions in my life to adopt him. I hardly can believe how much he has changed since I got him, he makes me prouder than I thought I’d ever be.

They say a dog tells a lot about their owner. That they are very similar.
I think he is a mirror. I also like to think about him as my Daemon (as in The Golden Compass).

Happy birthday, Báró! I am happy to know you. You make me happy every day. ❤

Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin’

Fahrrad fahr’n

Discovering the city by bike is a new level of falling in love with Berlin. ❤ It’s unbelievable, how many bike lanes we have here, and even where not, it’s not as bad as I would’ve thought as a weekend biker.

Riding a bike gives you a whole new perspective. If only I could record and share it.
Ich ❤ mein Leben.

Max Raabe – Fahrrad fahr’n

Dreamy mind

Noone else interprets your life the way you do. Don’t expect understanding. They don’t need to. Also don’t expect for you to understand them. The urge for connection is a route to isolation only a few fully gets.

Miyuki feat. Jan Amit – Dreamy Mind

Sing to the Moon

Everything is You. The way you think. How you communicate. When you decide to remain silent and when you choose to speak up.

We are temporary arrangements, set out to experience life on this spaceship called Earth. How we effect the waves brings changes. Changes are good.

Elephant Revival – Sing to the Mountain

Ride my bike

I just levelled up lately, becoming “a real Berliner” – I started using my bike. Now it’s time to level up regarding my gear. Spandau, I hope you have something nice to offer. See you tomorrow.

Bloc Party – Kreuzberg