House of love

After an insanely long 16-hours-car-ride yesterday, we got home to Berlin after a perfect week of vacation. Family, friends, good food, enjoying my network, company, and doing nothing in general for a whole week.

The 16+ hours car ride back home was a little unexpected, but we managed to survive, and we took today slow, enjoying a sunny Berlin. I love to get back here.

Life goes on from tomorrow on, and I can’t wait to see what the next weeks will bring.
This summer is great so far.

Robert Plant – House of Love



The more you think about what’s the meaning of life, the less it makes sense.

I once sent a postcard to a dear friend that sums it up perfectly. A rabbit told another one: “Life has no meaning.” – the reaction of the other rabbit: “Woohooo!” 🙂

It’s great to have friends, who remind you of this wisdom every now and then. Thanks, “Bro”! ❤

Julien Doré – Kiss Me Forever

Train home

It took us 7 hours and 40 minutes, but we made it to Vienna from Berlin by train. My dog is the best travel companion. He travels like a pro: chilling and sleeping in his travel bag. Then a few hours ride in my parents’ car, and now we sleep in my childhood room.

It’s always great to be back. Bring on this week of vacation and wonders.

Chris Smither – Train Home

Building blocks

How we tell our story matters. Not only to others, but it’s extremely important how we tell our own story to ourselves.

Every moment is in our head. Blink, and you’ll miss out on something that could change your whole perspective.

Missing moments by trick can be charming. It made me feel special, for a split second.

Then later today I spent a nice evening playing cards with a friend of mine. I realize, these everyday moments are the ones that are building blocks to our happy memories.

Sometimes sharing not so happy memories or doubts with someone, who truly listens is more than you can ask for.

I am surrounded by the best people. ❤

Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un m’a dit