Festival der Riesendrachen

I went to the kite festival today, at the Tempelhofer Feld. It felt like a surreal time machine. Seeing hundreds of kites flying over our heads made me feel like a child again – that satisfied smile couldn’t have been erased from my face for a second, until we were there.

Superheroes, ladybugs, dragons, Snow White and the 7 dwarves – endless variation of shape and colour. Simply breathtaking.

My sister – who has just turned one year more experienced today, would have loved it.
Boldog szülinapot, Zsuzsi! We’ll have to visit this together next year! 😉

Madame Butterfly, 1. Akt: Vogliatemi bene (Mona Lisa) : Act II Part I: “Humming Chorus”


Autumn fallin’

I got caught in the storm today on my bike, on my way home from work. Autumn is here.
I love the falling leaves, the heavy wind, the grim faces in the storm. Colours. Change.

…and I love surprises. I already have a few things to look forward to next week.

But first, I rest.

Jaymay – Autumn Fallin’


Masha 30

Today is a good friend’s birthday.

We gathered in a restaurant near Ostkreuz – former and current colleagues, friends, and people who didn’t know each other at all, but were there because of the same reason: Masha, who has just turned 30 today.

It was one of the great perks of my former company that I met her and I was genuinely happy to see tonight that she is doing great, having people around her that care. It’s always fun to take a peak into someone’s relationships. Your friends tell a lot about you.

My dearest Frau K., stay as brilliant as you are! Happy birthday!

Glenn Miller – Hooked on Swing

Locked out

I accidentally got locked out of my own apartment yesterday. It was an unfortunate accident – with a friend sleeping inside, I just couldn’t get in.

After some hesitation, I asked for help by a good friend of mine, who as a saviour was taking us in for the night. On my way to her place, I couldn’t think about anything else than how grateful I am for having friends like her.

I am safe here. I am home.

Emancipator – The Key



I decided to finally visit Potsdam, as I still have some left-over holidays due to the shorter hiking trip. It took me almost 3 years to visit the “neighbourhood”, but the beauty of this city was worth the waiting. I was walking for a full day, being amazed by the amazing architecture, the similar looking buildings, the fairy houses of the Holländische Viertel, and the never ending magnificence of the Sanssouci Park.

There is still plenty to visit for next time. I sure will return.
I live in an amazing area!

Notion – How Sweet The Day


We live in our own fairytales and play roles only we understand. How we are interpreted by others is out of our reach. However, for shorter/longer periods in time, we play along. Those arrangements have their beauties and should not be forgotten.

Miley Cyrus – Jolene

West Highland Way

…you stole my Heart! Scotland is amazing and the terrain is unbelievable. Even though our hiking got cut in half, walking among the hills in the Scottish Highlands did not feel real. I felt like I entered a dreamland of fairytales. I sure will return to complete the whole route, while for now, I am grateful for all the amazing memories.

Going hiking with a backpack is challenging. Not only because of the weight pulling your shoulders or the rocks tiring your legs, but also because you are using a lot of energy on the most basic things. Breathing, taking one step at the time.

If you hike with someone else, you also get to know each other better, as you are facing the same struggles, and react differently.

I fell in love with hiking and hardly can wait to plan my next challenge.
West Highland Way, we will for sure see each other again! ❤

Kenneth McKellar – The West Highland Way