Little things

I took the longer way home by bike from work today to cross the Oberbaumbrücke and have a look at the Fernsehturm from across the Spree. It was warm and sunny today, people were gathering around someone playing music in front of the U-Bahn station, just like they did almost 4 years ago, when I first visited Berlin.

A dear friend of mine, who moved here a year before me told me to meet at Warschauer Strasse. That corner of Berlin always reminds me of my first day in Berlin.
Today, with the scent of the blooming cherry trees, the Sun, on my bike, I felt like I stepped into a time machine. Except, when we met, my friend was pushing his bike, joking about how you can spot locals always having their bikes, and I was the one riding the bike today.

I clearly remember how at awe I was, when I first walked towards that station. How excited I was to discover more and more. I had no clue back then, that one day, I’d end up living here. It took me another day to get the idea in my head that I’d like to move here.

I am here now, still at awe, still excited about Berlin, still curious about all the little corners I don’t know yet.
I am so lucky to live my dream. With all its struggles and obstacles.

Berlin is still taking my breath away.

Alice Hills – Love Can Kill

Sweetest Kryptonite

After 4 days of non-stop washing up and going down, my dog is finally healthy again.
I love him. Even if he makes me tired some days. He is one of the greatest decisions I ever made.

He requires sacrifices. Sometimes tiny ones – like waking up on weekends -, sometimes bigger ones – for example, having to move to another apartment.
Some don’t get how it’s worth it.

I would miss every bit of it, if I couldn’t have him.

Sleep well, doggie, we’ll start healthier tomorrow.

Alice Hills – Kryptonite