This past two days with one of my best friends has highlighted how unique real bonds are. These are the connections that are indestructible.
That stand differences in opinions, physical distances, time and space.
The true links that last forever.

I have two best friends, both living in other countries – the three of us ended up in three different ones. However, distance is never an issue. We have a link that can’t be unchained. No matter how rare we can meet or talk, we are always present. We always care. We are always there for each other.

For my few real bonds, I am forever grateful.

Zoohacker meets Judie Jay – Best Friends

Summer strolling Berlin

Today was such a great day! After the World’s longest fear and loathing in Berlin’s public transport’s Ersatznetzwerk finding our way back from Schönefeld, we managed to tick out most of the tourist attractions in one day.

Time flies when in good company. I wish this weekend lasted for a week at least.

Moderat (feat Paul St. Hilaire) – Slow match

Supergirls just fly

My best friend is coming to Berlin early in the morning. I hardly can wait to meet her and to show her the city, she had always been wanting to see.
Only a few hours and we reunite.

Bis bald! ❤

Reamonn – Supergirl

Slices of memories

I was peeling an orange this evening and all of a sudden, I remembered how my Granny always tried to feed us with fruits by the TV when we were young. She just sat next to you, peeling tons of oranges and slicing tons of apples, piling them neatly on a tiny little plate and then asked you every now and then if you’d like some. We ended up eating a lot of fruits I think, even on days, when we didn’t feel like eating any.

She kept peeling, slicing and piling fruits until her last weeks. Sometimes, it was the most delicious surprise, sometimes it was annoying. But still, it remained such a lovely memory of Her.

I wish she could still “destroy the corridor” and slice some fruits for me.

Tom Jones – Delilah


If you leave your country, you’ll have to befriend the feeling that those who stayed won’t fully understand it. You’ll be judged in many ways. A gap will be between you and those not living your life. It is always like that, but for example moving abroad can escalate it.

I tend to get frustrated when I am misunderstood. But with this topic, I have to embrace that I won’t be able to explain my reasons why, or my experience. Some things have to be lived through to understand.

I am learning to be OK with that.
It doesn’t make me question my decision or my reasons. It doesn’t make me feel lonely either, as I also know other people, friends, who have gone through this similar experience. It just makes me wonder about understanding, human nature, curiosity and openness. It teaches me to learn. To be patient. To be OK with letting my utopia fade a little bit regarding understanding each other.

Everyone deserves a fair judement, therefore only judge what you’ve done. Putting yourself in others’ shoes is impossible.

Opeth – A Fair Judgement


I stumbled across the extended version of HUMAN on YouTube. A chain of interviews with people from all over the World. It reminded me of Dexter Diaz’s book: The Ten Types of Human.

It’s fascinating how unique and yet the same we all are. I highly recommend both the documentary and the book. It sticks with you.

Chris Isaac – Wicked Game (ft. Seren) (Chillion Remix)

Sweet escape

Sometimes I get to sneak out of the office to change scenery and enjoy some time with a partner in crime during lunch break. I had such a good time today. It’s always the getting back to the office part that’s challenging.

I love my colleagues.

Gwen Stefani – Sweet Escape


It’s so easy to jump into conclusions. Why are we so drawn to that?

I always find it interesting to hear other opinions than mine. I believe we can learn from each other’s perspectives. At least, if we manage not to jump ahead into conclusions and we actually manage to pay attention, listen and emphasize. If we really try to put aside our disagreements and pre-concepts and try to walk with the shoes of the other, to see the World from their perspective. That’s where the magic happens sometimes.

Depeche Mode – Walking In My Shoes