In the finish line

Before I moved to Berlin, I’ve set up a 3 year plan for myself:

  1. year: Settle down
  2. year: Practicing German, building network
  3. year: finding a job in Berlin’s music industry

Today is a special day. I arrived to the finish line. I found a new job, related to music copyright. I am starting in March. I couldn’t be happier.

It’s unbelievable, if I think about it. Before I decided to move abroad, I once mentioned at home, that I truly believe I could make it abroad, being as persistent and positive as I was in Hungary. Only a little more than 2 years living in Berlin, it seems I finally get there.

A huge weight is off my shoulder.

From March on, I will learn a lot of new things again. I hardly can wait.

Johnny Thunder – I’m Alive